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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
Everyone is a critic. It was not my intent to impugn anyone's character. However, I am very guilty of always seeing everything through an American lense and make no apologies for it. And if you don't like it, tough ***** and go do a kangaroo.

The international problem goes both ways. There have been dinkum Aussies ripped off on this very board by people in North America. (In my defense, I helped an Aussie who traded rackets with an evil Canadian kid last summer to get his racket back. It seemed a hopeless case at first but when I gave the Aussie the kid's dad's business email address, home address and phone numbers that seemed to do the trick. Suddenly, the kid saw the light once the threat of daddy's involvement in his scheme hung over his head like an axe blade. Funny how that works.)

If both parties have great refs, and if the seller is willing to go through the added hassle of international shipping then good on ya, mate. To me, it isn't worth the extra hassle unless the buyer really makes it worth my while. I would just as soon confine myself to state side buyers and sellers. I have done international deals with mixed results. As a seller, I can assure you that the tracking/delivery aspect is often wanting and when you are dealing with PP's antics besides, that is no small consideration. In addition, if there is a problem with the merchandise, returns are a giant hassle and cost prohibitive.

I hope I have averted an international incident. I can assure you that I have nothing against Aussies. Rafter, Hewitt and Scud are among my favorite players. I even miss Stoltenberg.

I have reworded the offensive passage in hopes of fostering an aura of international brotherhood and peace among men. Shrimp on the barbi for all, say I.

Thanks for your efforts in helping to create and maintain this thread. This issue has been beat into the ground. In general, there are more risks for sellers/traders/buyers when doing an international deal (BOTH SIDES) for all the reasons stated in your post. Again...common sense seems to work best.

Steve (One of guys who helped start this thread)

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