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Originally Posted by vin
Originally Posted by kevhen
It is a very nice sound when you really pop your serves high and hard off the indoor back curtain. That might be my favorite tennis sound of all time.
Yeah, I bet that's what's making me think I serve better indoors. In addition, the back fence of most outdoor courts is further from the baseline than the curtain is on indoor courts.
As a big server myself, I enjoy the indoors for this exact reason, the impressive sound. Also, as VJH mentioned, you get the boom off the curtains or wall. AND a third point I notice is that because of the poorer lighting indoors, the ball looks...."blurrier". I can hit a 115 mph serve indoors(timing with gun) and then go hit the same serve outdoors and even ignoring the sound difference, it's just easier to see the ball outdoors. Plus of course the outdoor courts often have a slower surface. Most of it is psychological though...if you have a big enough serve it will be effective my advice...ignore the sound and notice your opponent desperately lunging and not touching your serves takes me a bit of practice to groove in outdoors, after indoor season....but you can get your serve up to the same level...assuming sun/wind aren't a factor...

Outdoors has it's own own pleasures to for the big server....putting the ball through the fence...hitting a fence post hard enough to watch the ball richochet back to you or over the fence....lots of people to show off for I used to go practice my serve at a neighborhood court in the days when I could nudge over 120mph, passerbys and the neighbors would watch through their windows. A few even came out to chat and tell me that they watched me often throught the window and could hear the serves in their houses. When they ask if you're a pro...pick somebody who looks nothing like you and say, "yes, I'm (insert pro here)" kidding.
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