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Originally Posted by kimguroo View Post
I try to use them but sometimes certain items became collectible or rare items then I keep them. if I have several items then sell it.

mostly bandanas are good. as soon as they are discontinued price start to go up (usually keep it for a year or two then mostly price goes double).

I am thinking of cleaning my closet because I have closely 40 tops and 30 bottoms (only wear about 10 apparels each. mostly apparels are still new with tag). some of apparels, I am not interested anymore so might not wear it. recently, I play 5 days a week so it's not bad to have many hats and apparels because I don't need to worry about washing ^_^
Its true, I think the items that are popular and become collectibles over time (in Nike's case) are usually released during Federer/Nadal slam winning seasons, for example, Federer USO 08, FO 09 and AO 10. Nadal's French Open gear has always been popular even last year's despite he lost. I see Fed's blue polo from this year's AO are still changing hands at high prices on e bay, especially the smaller sizes. Wish I had stock up in advance.
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