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Originally Posted by Maestro Nalbandian View Post
Its true, I think the items that are popular and become collectibles over time (in Nike's case) are usually released during Federer/Nadal slam winning seasons, for example, Federer USO 08, FO 09 and AO 10. Nadal's French Open gear has always been popular even last year's despite he lost. I see Fed's blue polo from this year's AO are still changing hands at high prices on e bay, especially the smaller sizes. Wish I had stock up in advance.
It's like a gamble. Actually, I can't predict which one will become rare item. Only time will tell ^_^
I had several good bet and bad bet. Worst one was fed 15 hat( very hot item right after Wimbledon but now not many people look for this hat) and best was blue and white bandana.
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