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Lightbulb F/T (2) Babolat Aero Pro Drive GTs 4 1/2

Here's the deal:

I'm looking to trade my gear but I've got to be picky. I'm gauging interest here so nothing is set in stone.

I have two (2) Babolat Aero Pro Drive GTs with a 4 1/2 grip.

Racquet 1: 9+/10 condition. Strung mid-range with Babolat Pro Hurricane. Grip has always been covered with an overgrip so it is in perfect condition. The only visible markings are scuffs on the headguard.

Racquet 2: 8.5+/10 condition. Strung with a cheap nylon at 62. Also features a perfect original grip. Some minor chips in the usual spots and scuffs on the headguard.

I also have a Babolat Aero line 12-pack bag. The one with Nadal's signature.

I'll send pictures to anyone interested.

Now the "picky" part:

Everything I am willing to trade for must have a 4 1/2 grip size and be in at least 8/10 condition. Each set of racquets I list would be for an even trade for both of my Babolats.

2 Wilson K Pro Staff 88s
2 Wilson BLX 6.1 95s (both 16x18 and 18x20 considered)
3 Wilson nCode 6.1 95s (both 16x18 and 18x20 considered)
3 Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1s

Bag trades will also be considered, but only for Wilson Super 6 packs, and they must correspond to the racquet I may receive.

I understand this is pretty specific, but I am only interested in those particular racquets.

Let me know if you're interested by emailing me at sethplaystennis at gmail dot com.

Thanks for looking!
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