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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
imo, stand mount is the only way to go when stringing...

regarding your buyer's remorse...i've used both the cone lock & spring loaded base clamps...spring loaded is a little more convenient and saves a few secs/pull, but i would be fine w/ either honestly. at least you have fixed clamps. if you had flying clamps, you'd have serious buyer's remorse. your MP Titan is a fine machine & will serve you well for many, many suggestion is just use if for a few years then sell it & upgrade to something better. u can practice perfecting your technique & consistency on a "inferior" machine. when you upgrade to a high end model, your string jobs will just be better. happy stringing.
Yeah, that's kinda where I'm settling (emotionally) as well. Thanks for your input. It helps, and I /am/ happy with the machine. It is very well built and is 100% as advertised, so no real complaints -- just a momentary bit of buyer's remorse, but it is passing

(I think also, that I may have actually been tightening the cone locks more than necessary.)
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