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Thanks for the pics. I was kind of hoping to keep the discussion limited to what are the most frequently sought after and traditional POG's, i.e. the OS 110/107 and Mid 90/93. And also limit it to the graphite I. Maybe we could start a different thread for the graphite II and the other off shoots and/or relatives of the traditional POG. It's already complicated enough without adding all the other ones .

When all the pics/details are submitted and there is a consensus about the accuracy maybe it can be re-posted on a new thread as the "official" guide/history of the POG; so then if anyone did a search online the page would come up and all of the information would be on a single site/page. In a way, it would be a WIKI like article about the POG but on TW's site. That was at least what I was thinking. Not sure what the final result will be though.

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