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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
I know hardly anything about POGs so this is all really interesting for me!

It's amazing that headsizes were 90, 107 and 125. So basically a Mid and two oversizes. So no Mid-Plus at all!

I'd certainly like to see some more photos
The definition of "mid", "mid-plus", etc., has changed over the years (as I'm sure you know) and Prince at one point did call the 90 (which was really a 93) a "mid-plus". There's never been a POG that would be called a MP now, though.

OP, that racquet did appear first at the time of the POG3 described above. I don't know enough about it to describe versions and subversions*, but I'd expect production changes of the Series 110 and Series 90 frames to be parallel.

I found and saved a thread here on TT that described four versions of the four-stripe (POG4) rather than two. If no one posts a link soon, I'll get the info off my other computer and post it.

* Actually, almost every attempt to capitalize on the Graphite reputation in a more modern line (Graphite II, Triple Threat, NXG, EX03) has been accused of "subverting" the good name of the Prince Graphite, but I guess that's not the same thing, is it?
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