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Originally Posted by PimpMyGame View Post
Aha. I'm with Goober (except I haven't had as much trouble).

For me, I had a knee tweak and the whole thing blew up in a matter of minutes and then needed days to get back to normal with pills from the doc. Also, I'm starting to feel it the next day - something new to me. Now, my other knee is giving me a bit of an issue, not to mention stiff arms and shoulders and the occasional shooting pain on the inside of my arm when I grip something, which I am convinced is due to tennis.

To counter this I re-joined a gym last week (trying to make sure the stresses and strains of weight are eradicated) and earlier today spoke to a coach about taking some lessons, something I haven't done in over 20 years.

I'm 36 now and reality is I'm not getting any younger!
Jeez, how times change! 13 months on and I've been through it a little. I did start taking some lessons, but last May I fractured my elbow playing football (soccer) and had to have a lay-off, which also led me to cancel my gym subscription. I also stopped using Luxilon strings and the shoulder / arm pains have gone. I'm currently trying tensions at around 35-40 from my usual 60-65 but that's a different story...

Point is, I sound like a right old whinge bag in that post. And truth is, in the last 3 or so months I have been playing the best tennis of my life.

So all in all, I say never retire! Just find a different way of doing it!
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