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Originally Posted by David123 View Post
I feel bad for you. Thats why I've been doing tons of research and waiting before i bought a machine. People were yelling at me on the forums to just buy a machine already, but i didnt give in. I want to make sure i am buying exactly what i want. Its hard i know, but if i already have a borrowed machine from a friend (progression 602) why rush? Even if i didn't i wouldn't rush. Even though any machine is better than no machine, i would rather get the machine i want right the first time instead of having to upgrade which costs more, or selling and buying again which takes a lot of time and effort. but then again, MP is a great machine. How often do you string?
Much of what you say makes sense. There is a balance to achieve between researching infinitely and buying too quickly.

I feel like this is something that I probably couldn't have really gotten right the first time, to be honest.

I feel like I DID make the right decision with the information I had at the time.

I didn't know I would be stringing this many racquets (it's not a ton, maybe 5 to 8 per week), but I generally promise whatever turnaround my customers want, so sometimes I'll have 3 or 4 to do in an evening. And because of my work and family schedule I cannot usually start until about 9pm (and I usually get up at 5am).

Had I realized much of this up front, I would have gone with spring-assisted clamps. I also didn't think 5-tooth vs 3-tooth matter much (and if it's just a few racquets a month, then I still think it doesn't). But when doing several in a row, I'm starting to appreciate the "little" things.

Also, it's worth pointing out, for anyone following my posts on the forums, that I am an especially fussy person (I should have taken THAT into account when purchasing!). Most people, to be honest, are probably not as fussy as I am. I sometimes joke that it is my "never-ending quest in life to remain miserable 100% of the time, no matter what my situation is"
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