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Originally Posted by sstchur View Post
Much of what you say makes sense. There is a balance to achieve between researching infinitely and buying too quickly.

I feel like this is something that I probably couldn't have really gotten right the first time, to be honest.

I feel like I DID make the right decision with the information I had at the time.

I didn't know I would be stringing this many racquets (it's not a ton, maybe 5 to 8 per week), but I generally promise whatever turnaround my customers want, so sometimes I'll have 3 or 4 to do in an evening. And because of my work and family schedule I cannot usually start until about 9pm (and I usually get up at 5am).

Had I realized much of this up front, I would have gone with spring-assisted clamps. I also didn't think 5-tooth vs 3-tooth matter much (and if it's just a few racquets a month, then I still think it doesn't). But when doing several in a row, I'm starting to appreciate the "little" things.

Also, it's worth pointing out, for anyone following my posts on the forums, that I am an especially fussy person (I should have taken THAT into account when purchasing!). Most people, to be honest, are probably not as fussy as I am. I sometimes joke that it is my "never-ending quest in life to remain miserable 100% of the time, no matter what my situation is"
Wow 5-8 rackets per week. That's a lot i wish i would get that much business for myself too. Now its starting to make sense why YOU would complain about not having SC mounts. I would assume it does get tedious having to do 3-4 rackets in a row on a non-sophisticated machine with cone lock clamps and non SC mounts. Now i truly understand (or hoping i understand) the position you're in. Hopefully your customers bring you enough income Did you know that you were going to string so much before you bought the machine? How much did you think you were gonna string before you bought the machine? Speaking personally, i think i have come to the decision that i will purchase the Alpha Revo 4k. I got the measurements for the Revo, and i think i've found a perfect place to put it so that its an ideal height.

The reason why i am buying a Revo is that it contains all of the things (except SC mounts) that a lot of the higher end machines have. For example really good clamps (3 toothed and spring assisted). So therefore i wouldn't have to spend money on upgrading. The only thing i may want in the future is to make it eletric and i can do that by buying a wise 2086. That would be the only addition in my opininon that i could make to the machine that will leave me with no regrets.

What i am trying to do, and hopefully you can undertsand what i am getting at is to try to buy everything i need in a machine at the beginning so that i wouldn't have to upgrade (except for electric since buying one at the start is expensive, and the wise is very very good) For example, i wouldn't buy cone lock base clamps EVEN if i tried them and liked them, because maybe in the future i'd realize that i want better (even if theyre working great, because that's what humans are, always wanting more even if things are already easy) and then i'd have to pay 200$ for upgrade of the clamps if not more. You get what i am trying to say? I tried to describe it to the best of my ability.

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