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Yes, I have the POG 2 also but there is no sticker so I didn't know the year. Since POG 2 has individual grommets I'm assuming they switched to strip grommets on POG 3 ???

Since no design/styling things were changed from POG 1 to 2 (just the adding of grommets) is it possible POG 1 was 1976 and POG 2 came a year or two later but the year printed on racket wasn't changed because it was almost identical? Then when a new design came, POG 3, they changed year to 1983?

Question for you MichaelChang, all of my individual grommets are bent/broken and completely stuck in the holes. I've tried a needle nose to change their shape and push them out but no luck. Any suggestions on how to get them out because it's making the racket unusable?

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