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Originally Posted by jrod View Post
Excellent segment guys! Really good. Few comments:

1. The 1st drill (Bryans) I've done with a slight variation where both players basically go around the net post until both players end up where their opponent started. Then you go back the same way you came to exercise the other wing. Really requires some great touch when you get aligned with the net.

2. Cross court drill we do where both players try to approach. Play to 11 and switch server.

3. That PB10mid is a dream frame for an all court player. You should be spanking your opponents with it.

4. Chris- Really like the new Asics. When are they expected to be released?

5. Good luck! Go kick some butt!
I like the sound of that modified Bryan Brothers drill. We will give that a try for sure.

Thanks for the tips.

Chris, TW
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