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Originally Posted by Oldracquet27 View Post
I just finished it!, The book is very interesting and engaging, maybe interesting because of the fact that Agassi shows a person that maybe none of us did know...

1-) How he constantly attacks and puts down a lot of players!, especially Pete Sampras, his bitterness againgst Sampras is outrageous!, who does he think he is?

2-)How The hell somebody that walked out of the court at almost 40 years old and just because his body could not take more, can say that he HATES tennis, what is he trying to accomplish , to sell more books? If is not the case, he needs a therapist to help him to find out what it is that he hated in his life, as per the book, a lot of things might be, many none his fault though....
The guy trained like a warrior, loved to hit tennis balls and WIN, hired the best people to help him to go to the top!, athletes that get to the top of the sport like that need to absolutely be IN LOVE with what they do, otherwise there is no way they can make it, he could have walk away when he was a teen and was not under his father supervision and never did, so don't give me that crap that you hate the sport. Actually is very contradictory how he talks about his game and later says that he hates it. WHAT A DISRESPECT TO ALL THE FELLOW PLAYERS , AND BAD MESSAGE TO TENNIS LOVERS, AND KIDS WHO ARE WORKING TO GET TO THE PRO TOUR.

3-)The Agassi image i had before this book is totally different now, the guy is just an idiot kid.

Sorry , i had to get this out of my chest, What do you think people?
He did seem to hate the sport for a long time (personally, I also got the feeling that he hated the fact that due to the training that was forced on him, he was literally qualified for nothing else in the grand scheme of things. Such is the reality of being a ninth grade dropout). However... well, the quote on the page right before chapter 21 starts sums it up:

"So what if you hate tennis? Who cares? All those people out there, all those millions who hate what they do for a living, they do it anyway. Maybe doing what you hate, doing it well and cheerfully, is the point. So you hate tennis. Hate it all you want. You still need to respect it - and yourself."

I think he learned that respect in the second half of his career (barring the meth lie, which was undoubtedly a dick move), and it at least diluted the hatred, somewhat. He seemed to genuinely enjoy hitting with Graf at the end, anyway.
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