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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post

Anyone saying the tone of the book is negative, or that Agassi has a mean spirited attitude towards players has VERY limited skills in the area of literary interpretation.

The whole point of the book is that from negativity, Agassi found meaning. He did not choose tennis, fell into drug use, and had a general displeasure with his life. However, once Andre became determined to live is life better, he began enjoying tennis, met his wife who gave him beautiful children, and established his proudest achievement, his school.

Any negative statements towards players or other figures is merely meant to better portray Agassi's actual emotions. How "open" would he be if he said he deeply cared for and respected every individual in his life?

The book deals with tough topics, and portrays them realistically. Naturally, some of the areas of Agassi's life were negative. However, do not mistake these things for the book's theme.
95% of the book was negative in vibe. I don't care if the last 5% he found himself and turned into the faux happy-go lucky person he is today.
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