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Originally Posted by Pwned View Post
95% of the book was negative in vibe. I don't care if the last 5% he found himself and turned into the faux happy-go lucky person he is today.
Negative is a deceptive word there. It implies that there is an overall pessimistic point of view. On the contrary, the book is quite optimistic. Conflicted would be a better word.

Agassi certainly was faced with a lot of conflicts in his early life, and that is reflected in the book. Even though the book illustrates these conflicts, however, many joyful aspects of his life are presented throughout the book. Agassi constantly describes the support and love he receives from the people in his life.

The negative aspects of his life are not presented to communcate a negative theme. They are simply necessary to illustrate Agassi's transformation, as well as the transformation all people can make.
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