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I liked reading the Agassi book, and I think that hearing his attitude about playing helped me sympathize with him more. There isn't a match that I've gone through where I didn't hate the game of tennis for a shot or two. Usually I hate tennis for at least a whole game during a set. Yet, despite the fact that he hated to do it, he DID it, and he did it until his body was torn to shreds. He did that because he knew he had found his calling and his talent would be best used on the court.

As for the talking about other players, do YOU like everyone you play against? Just because they were tossed in the same professional sport circuit doesn't mean they have to call each other daily and be best friends. You're allowed to make observations about your surroundings when you write a memoir, as a matter of fact, if you don't do it, it's a boring read.

All in all, Agassi seemed like a guy who was apologizing for his early image is everything self in this book. He didn't write about his drug use and coverup and blame anyone else. He took the hard rap and didn't pull any punches. I appreciated that. I loved the last chapters where he spoke about how his philanthropy has helped him as a person, even as he's helped poorer kids who, if not for his money and time, would be aimless or dead. I did NOT like how he came across as a bit of a drama queen. Every time there was an issue in Agassi land, it was time to assemble the support team! I would hate to be a part of his inner circle. Every other day, it would be... "HELP! My toenail is too ragged! I'll let you drive my corvette if you'll listen to me whine!"

Anyways. I still think that the book is a great read, and it didn't soil my image of agassi at all. It was pretty much what I expected, a deep and thoughtful reflection on a career I had a lot of questions about. If he had not included any of the subjects that bristled most of the posters on this thread, I would have been bored reading it, and he would have been being untrue to his character, in my opinion.
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