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The book was not particularly well written and although Agassi was self deprecating, he seemed to be a little too at ease with his past transgressions. I'm also not sure about some of his comments on Sampras, Chang and Courier. Its almost as if he does not want to include himself with the greatest American tennis generation. We get a very clear picture of Agassi's resentment towards his father, but get no sense of closure at the end of the book. There certainly are some shocking, sensational moments in the book, but the structure was too loose to integrate them into the book in a way that would be cohesive. It seemed as if his insecurities were addressed but not confronted in a way that would give a life lesson to the reader. Agassi's book left me with more questions than answers, but at this point I do not desire to read part 2 (if there is one).
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