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Originally Posted by Joe Pike View Post
To the contrary, he enhanced this image.
Yes. He did, in fact, it does make me wonder, as one poster suggested previously, if he let key admissions go because he's thinking of politics one day.

It did not help him for the very thoughtful readers, especially those who really followed his career, and know that he whitewashed and lied about a number of things. Even if you don't know his career, once you look past the engaging writing, you do start to see some ugly attitudes, and the hypocrisy.

(Right Michael Chang? PRAISE JESUS! Still feels good to "kick your ***" Jeff Tarango cause you cheated when you were what....TEN? OK, Pete you beat me...but hey, you're a cheap tipper...err...I think....maybe....just needed to mention that.....Yeah...Boris're a fake intellectual...playing the angst ridden and introspective tennis player when actually you're a farmboy....I bet you never even finished high school...oh wait....why does that sound familiar?? Jimmy Connors you're the world's biggest ahole....(well he is, but so what if he didnt' want to chitchat with Andre)...I remember when I made fun of you when I said I can't imagine playing tennis and being so old....oh were 36 when I said that....oooh....better not put that in the book.... )

Bill Shelton? Who's that?? Nick B? Largely inconsequential, just riding off me for a bit! Lying to the press and fans? That's all I do...all the time...boy, I hate it when other people lie and are fake....I think I'll mock them....oh...whoops....

Should have been kicked out of the USO? Um....let's not get into that. Got caught trying to find a Doctor who would lie for me to get out of an exhibition after defaulting from a Davis Cup match due to "injury" good way to spin that one...OUT OF THE BOOK!

Oh and let's mention Pat Etcheberry....the "spitting Chilean"...let's mention he spits while talks...lets mention it A LOT, in fact, try to make that be the most memorable think about him...oh that and he's totally incompetent...and would have destroyed my career with injuries...and doesn't even know how to do a basic arm curl...good thing for Pat that Courier and Sampras and many others didn't figure that out! I like Gil better...never mind that at the time, I talked up Pat almost as much as I talk up Gil now....


Still, a good read! But one that needs to be taken with an enormous amount of salt.

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