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Originally Posted by Who Dey Nation View Post
Hi all, im trying to join a 4.5 league this season...only problem is the self rating part. I took about 3 years off from tennis during college. However based off I am a 5.5 because I was number 16 in my section about 5 years ago in 18 and under and im still under 30. So when I went to register for the league its said I was a 5.5 (which I am not)

Will this effect me in a negative way, or effect the team in any way?

Is there a way to correct this? I played in a 4.5 doubles tourney two months ago and won, so wouldnt I be a 4.5 by default?
I understand what you mean about the section ranking being an inaccurate measure of your skill - I have a friend that had a section ranking he is a bad player, but did so many tournaments that he could ranking points.

However, the USTA does not care about your skill level. You cannot self-rate as a 4.5 without being dishonest with the computer (by lying about your section ranking). If you play matches as a 4.5 and someone files a grievance, you will be DQed and your team may forfeit matches (depending on local rules). This is a situation where grievances actually work extremely efficiently because there is no discretion for the league. The question is not whether you are a 4.5 player but rather, whether you meet any the requirements that would preclude you from rating as a 4.5.

Regarding your tournament result, I am confused by your question (since a 5.5 player should win a 4.5 tournament!). If you had close matches, you should check to see if you have a computer ranking now or at the end of the year based on tournament performance.
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