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Originally Posted by Ripper014 View Post
Actually if you win a 4.5 tourney this automatically would make you a 5.0 plus... since you have not made it to your potential. Until you lose and lose consistantly you have no idea what your level of play is. But obviously it is not 4.5
Automatically? uh...NO. As I said it would make you 4.5 of higher. Consider the following scenarios.

1) It was a weak tourney with a lot of 4.0s playing in the draw.
2) He played in a doubles tournament. What if he had a 5.0-5.5 sandbagging partner (unrated obviously)? A 4.0 could conceivably win a 4.5 doubles tournament.
3) He won the tournament but all his matches went 3 sets and were close. I would say he is playing at the right level.

Potential has nothing to do current rating.
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