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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Automatically? uh...NO. As I said it would make you 4.5 of higher. Consider the following scenarios.

1) It was a weak tourney with a lot of 4.0s playing in the draw.
2) He played in a doubles tournament. What if he had a 5.0-5.5 sandbagging partner (unrated obviously)? A 4.0 could conceivably win a 4.5 doubles tournament.
3) He won the tournament but all his matches went 3 sets and were close. I would say he is playing at the right level.

Potential has nothing to do current rating.
As far as I know... the next level up from 4.5 is 5.0 and since he has not capped out... I added the plus. And he says he won a 4.5 tournament the only result he is offering for us to use to judge his skills, so I stand by my statement.

I do agree though that if you were playing a weak draw of 4.0's it may make a difference... but will the USTA care... since you have points from a 4.5 tourney.
Doing whatever it takes to win... does not make you a winner.
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