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Originally Posted by Ripper014 View Post
As far as I know... the next level up from 4.5 is 5.0 and since he has not capped out... I added the plus. And he says he won a 4.5 tournament the only result he is offering for us to use to judge his skills, so I stand by my statement.

I do agree though that if you were playing a weak draw of 4.0's it may make a difference... but will the USTA care... since you have points from a 4.5 tourney.

Would the USTA care? I doubt personally. But the USTA algorithm will care. Your rating is calculated based on your opponents rating and your scores. You are confusing tournament points/ranking with USTA rating.

Your rating has *nothing* to do with what level tournament you were in only what level your opponents were and what were your scores. If you enter an Open level tourney and in the first round you beat a 3.5 and in the second round you beat a 4.0 who had a first round bye, that is not going boost your rating if you are a 4.5 player and it may even lower your rating if you had close matches.

Now winning those 2 open level matches will give you points which will count towards your ranking in the open division in your USTA region but it has nothing to do with your actual ratings. In fact I personally know some 4.0 and 4.5s that have have Open level rankings, but that is only because they play a lot of tournaments and get some wins when other 4.0s and 4.5s sign up.
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