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Originally Posted by newmark401 View Post
“From memory Wilding was undefeated on clay from 1911 to 1914 (but he didn't meet any great American players then given that the latter rarely crossed the Atlantic) : in four years he won at least 24 tournaments in a row on clay.”

Having rechecked, I see that Wilding lost to Max Décugis, of France, twice on clay in May 1910, at the same tournament – Wiesbaden – in the final of both the Wiesbaden Cup and the Championships of Wiesbaden events. (To be fair to Wilding, he hadn’t played much tennis in the preceding months.)

After those two losses to Décugis, I have been able to verify at least twenty-eight singles tournament wins for Wilding on clay, from the tournament at the Leopold Club in Brussels, Belgium, at the end of May 1910 to the World Hard Court Championships in Paris in 1914.

Wilding may well have gone undefeated in singles in at least thirty clay court tournaments during this four-year period, giving him a winning streak on clay of around 125 matches. But this remains to be confirmed.
Great research! So, Nadal's winning streak on Clay should have a note at the end ('in the open era').
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