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Originally Posted by pyrokid View Post
We had districts today, and seeing as I have an injury, I had to play doubles.

But we played a fairly good team in the semis who augmented their decent tennis skills with loads of bad calls and other ways to steal points.

Like, any time one of us hit a volley winner, they would call us for crossing the netcord, sometimes when we were back at the service line. Now, the first time this happened was when we were up 40-0 5-1, and I hit a really nice shot down the line, and everyone was cheering and happy and stuff. Then, after about ten seconds, he decided to call the netcord thing. I told him that no, I did not cross the cord, that they had to warn me first before they could take a point penalty, and that I had to call it. They said no, you're a lying sloot. (no, not exactly like that, but that summarizes it.) and called their coach out. Our coach was on the singles court, and their coach basically forced us to continue play and give them the point. (we still won the game, but boy was I ****ed.) This happened another six times, but then our coach came out and yelled at the other coach. Then they stopped.

All throughout the match they called out winners long or wide, or whatever suited them. And you could tell they knew they were doing it because of the looks on their faces and the long pause between the call and the shot. (and the moaning of the crowd.)

In HS districts, there are no linejudges. So you can't call them out.
So what do you do in this situation? Don't say cheat back, that's not an option, and we tried yelling at them about it.

I realize that this is more of a juniors issue, but I think the advice I'll get here will be better.
If you ask them to stop it and they don't stop, I'd probably choose this option:

- Do exactly the same. If the ball bounces 4 feet inside the baseline, call it out. However, tell them immediately that you don't want to play like this, but because of their behavior you can't see any other options. Then ask them again to stop that BS. If they stop, you play fair, if they continue, you continue as well.

Another, not really sportsmenlike, option is to constantly try to hit their bodies. Hammer them once or twice, apologize for that with a short "Sorry!" and on the changeover you ask them again to play fair.

I'd go with option 1 though! Before using option 1, I'd go to my coach immediately (e.g. toilet break on the next changeover) and have him talk to their coach immediately. If the other coach doesn't correct his players, you use option 1.
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