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Default tuff day on court for me

Hey help help!

Not use to dealing with this type of loss!

I did not bring much to the court today! Lost in a winnable match!

It was doubles, and I was up alot last night in anticipation for the match!

I was not nervous durring the match play! I was playing doubles and I have a tuf time with this loss because I did not play my best and I could play my game due to I would only have one or two chances to do something with the ball and then we would loose the point, the problem was the there was not a ton of pace but I never could get enough time to do something with the ball and they were ranger players long arms and tall so very little wholes and my usually shots and touch were hard because the med pace not killer pace i could get the ball back just not wear I wanted and how I wanted. I also could do pace back and they were find with that .. we loss 6-3, 6-2, my partner was not playing good either, this loss is on my i was playing worse, even though i thought i was the better player!

I did not have my top serve but I did not double fault they just handled it and I was use to getting free points off the #3 level players.

I am small 5-8 with short arms! Never had a chance to use my athletic ability!

We were put at the number one doubles!

any thoughts on what do do when this happens?
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