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Default Show Us Your Dresses!

I'm so excited! I now own a tennis dress.

I got this little number here at TW for -- wait for it -- $15. It's a Yonex from the 2007 US Open series, and they just happened to have one in my size.

I wore it yesterday at practice because I've never worn a dress before. It felt OK, except for one thing. I got a whole lot more sunshine up my skirt when the wind blew than I am used to.

The other cool thing was that there were four guys playing on the court next to us. They were maybe 3.0s. As they were leaving, one of them asked me: "Are you an instructor?" Ha! Must have been the dress!

Anyway, I ordered pretty much every dress TW stocks that looked like it might look good on me, and I learned a few things.

First, dresses by Tail are very loose and not as fitted as I would like. They kind of hang straight down from the upper back to the butt and come off looking a bit boxy on me.

Second, I was very disappointed in a Reebok dress because the picture made it look like it had little mesh cut-outs on the back. In fact, they are rubbery appliques that made me look a bit reptilian:

I am still on the fence about this Yonex dress. It is very cute, but I wonder if it is a bit juvenile for someone who is my age:

[see next post for a pic of the blue dress]

Anyway, I think I may start moving toward dresses. They are very cute and fun, and there are no issues with weird-fitting skorts.

One gripe I have, however, is about the shelf bras. The blue Yonex, for instance, arrived with a shelf bra with cups, and the cups were all bent up. If someone came up with a dress with a removable shelf bra, I'd be a fan for life.
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