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according to the rules no let. what you can do, is call a hindrance immediately upon your opponent yelling "noooo", and claim the point. YOur opponent is not supposed to yell or talk in a way that will distract you, especially when the ball is travelling to your side of the court. However, you can't hit the ball back, and then he hits a winner, and then you call a hinder. YOu have to call a hinder immediately.

Originally Posted by Figjam View Post
so this happened ot me again and I wanted to call a let....
Guy hit a shot.... looked like it was going long... I was thinking "maybe".... he yells out "NOOOOO!" so I think "ok its going out"

ball Drops on the line I react to hit it at the last second and hit it right to him and he puts it away...

Again this has happened before, where a guy hits a bad shot and yells out(regardless of the ball going in or out) and it throws me off.. I wanted to call a let. but didnt since I didnt know if I could.
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