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Originally Posted by Figjam View Post
but its all taking place pretty quickly, my mind is focused on getting the ball(or watching if its going in or out), hard to stop an call hindernace, ( a rare call im not used to calling)

Im sure if the ball stays in and I call a hinderance(and claim the point) the guy would be kinda ****ed. I mean its like calling a serve in or out, have to call it pretty quick, but is hard to think..."is that....? can I call it.....?" too late!
There is another option.

You can stop, call a hindrance, but rather than claim the point you can offer your opponent a let. Most people realize they aren't supposed to talk while you're hitting and will be happy if you cut them a break.

Me, I prefer to just play the ball regardless of what utterances I hear from the other side. Only if someone deliberately tried to distract me would I claim the point.
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