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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
They are not head-heavy, in fact they are a little head light but what you probably mean is they are very solid, a lot of mass in the head and entire frame what makes it very difficult to get around, a beast of a racket, note that the specs are slightly different then the later ones, the very early ones were 335 grams unstrung, the ones i have are 330g unstrung, flex and balance were slightly different too, here the card board of my PC 1 gen:

Very interesting stuff here. The specs on my Pure Control are as follow:
P42 C58 M65
335g unstrung
Flex. 63
Equ. 31
Swing 300

It is a 16x18 string pattern.

You are probably right about the mass of the racquet being what makes it so hard to get around.
I did have leather grips on them and I'm sure that helped a bit.
ProKennex Type C Redondo Mid/Mid+
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