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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Yes, we did do something to win the point: My partner hit a ball that landed in the court.

I guess what's weird is that if our two opponents didn't get a good look at the ball, they have two choices: Call it good, or ask our opinion if they don't know. In either case, we would get the point.

And yes, there are plenty of penalties in the Code for "honest mistakes" (e.g. hitting a ball on wrong side of net, touching the net, double-hit, footfaults, hindrance . . . .).
You did NOTHING to win the point because they were able to hit the ball back. You didnt force an error and you didnt hit a winner. Thus, you did not win the point....

I meant honest mistakes in the course of enforcing the rules, not actions that result in a loss of point.
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