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Originally Posted by dcdoorknob View Post
Here's a related question: if someone is playing an officiated match, they call a ball out and a present official overrules them, do they get a let then? Or do they lose the point?

My first instinct before reading the responces was that in both cases, officiated or not, the player or team that called the ball out (which was later overturned) should lose the point. They stopped play when play should not have been stopped, due to no outside hindrance but only their own error. To me the natural result of that situation is the loss of the point.
It works differently when there are roving officials. If a roving official sees you make a bad line call that you don't correct (so they have to correct you), it's loss of point.

I know this because I once played a tournament where my opponent called my shot on her baseline long on match point. The roving official happened to be right there, overruled her, and awarded me the point and the match.
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