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Originally Posted by crystal_clear View Post
It is hard to jam the ball in place and sometime it just falls during play. I always wear a ball holder at my back.

I can't wear a dress.
Regarding wearing a dress, have you tried? I was surprised to see the variety in how various styles and manufacturers' dresses fit.

Regarding jamming the ball in place, I guess that could be a problem if you have very thin thighs. More likely the problem is with skorts, which IMHO often have miserable compression shorts.

I do very well with the Bolle compression shorts they sell here at TW for $18. They last a long time, don't ride up, and I can put 3-4 balls under on one leg during practice sessions. It's not a good look, but they do stay up there.

Tina, that dress is really cute. What is the fit like (which is a gentle way of my asking "What shape are you?")?
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