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Originally Posted by ClubHoUno View Post
Some of the dresses Maria S wears are a bit too much for me - too weird and confusing. I prefer elegant and simple design - in either pale or flashy colors.

I think the Stella Maccarthy dresses are a bit too messy and confusing. Ana I and to some degree Caroline W looks OK in them, but they don't look great in them.

Just wish there would be more female players at my club, especially females wearing proper stylish outfits - I would play more often, if I had some beatiful female players to look at while playing tennis

I hope you learn a little bit from my post. I'm a guy in my late 30's, and I never get tired of looking at beautiful females in good looking stylish outfits - NEVER !
i think the stella stuff is awesome. uber sexyyyy :P
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