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Default Head pallets (TK82S), leather calfskins and butt caps for sale!

Hey guys,

I am trying to sell all of this stuff together as a bundle. These are some rares pieces if I must say =)

First off, the size 5 pallets were taken off of a PC600 with butt caps and head calfskins intact as you can see in the pictures. I would rate the pallets in great condition as well as the butt caps, the leather grips were only used a couple of times and remember that they were taken off of a size 5 pallet so they can be used for any size pallet and adjusted.

Secondly, the size 4 pallets (TK82S) which were taken off of a Head Youtek speed series frame with butt caps and head leather tours intact. The pallets are in FAIR shape as you can see in the pics, the top left of one is chipped off and the bottom left of another is chipped off, they are totally reusable.

Asking $60 shipped for everything because I am learning in University in Israel and shipping might cost a little.

Email is for any questions or concerns.



last pic is for the butt caps of the PC 600 in size 5:
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