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Ding ding ding! We have a winner. It passed inspection from the front, side and back. It even earned a "Mom, that's cute!" from my 16 year old.

Again, the shelf bra is superfluous -- I can't see how anyone could feel comfortable in this thing without a sports bra -- but the flimsy foam cups are removable, so it's OK. $30.

It's nice to know the good people of Yonnex have folks like me in mind!

Now I have to decide whether to throw $15 at this little number:

What do you think could be going on with this dress? Are the straps really going to rest on my carotid artery? Is that snakeskin on the sides? Can I possibly get away with wearing that color?

For $15, I guess it's worth it to find out. Stay tuned.

Cindy -- who might just wear this pink dress in tomorrow's singles match
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