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Originally Posted by MarrratSafin View Post
Great info ericsson, thanks. I always thought the 1st gen Pure Control is heavier than the 2nd gen, but they are actually the same, 330g unstrung? (I have owned many of the swirly's but no 1st gens, always thought they are 335-340g unstrung) So does the 1st gen actually have a similar swing weight to the swirly 2nd gen? The 2nd gen's swing weight is perfect for me. I'm guessing it'd be less maneuverable though with the 320mm balance.
Well like i said, there are two different first generations Pure Controls; the early ones are 335gr unstrung and the "later" ones are 330gr, both essentially the same stick and yes they are less maneuverable then the 2nd gen's controls. I had both the 335g and 330g in the exact same paintjob, i also had a Pure Control 1nd gen in + (extra length)
(the first gen PC comes from the famous Pro One mold by Donnay)
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