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Originally Posted by origmarm View Post
As an aside on dresses, what on earth were Venus and Rezai wearing for the Madrid final?!?

Venus looked like a moulin rouge performer half dressed and Rezai looked like a cross between a breakdancer and a Hareem inhabitant. It was comedy for sure!
Honestly, I could not even watch the two of them in those Halloween outfits. Geez, is it really so hard to wear something that isn't hideous?

Venus' dress looked very heavy. I noticed this in some of the dresses. All the weight of all the frills and doodads can be felt at the bottom of the cress. I would imagine that a player would resent that extra weight after 3 hours of serious tennis.

The other thing I have decided is that Serena cannot possibly be wearing off-the-rack Nike dresses; her dresses must be custom made. The Nikes I have tried are very tight in the torso in size medium. I would imagine even an XL would come nowhere close to fitting Serena.

Dementieva, OTOH, might be wearing off the rack Yonnex. I say that because I've seen pics of her in the two Yonnex dresses I bought. Now, she is a big woman (did anyone see the Tennis Channel instructional episode where she is standing next to her coach and she dwarfs him?). The dresses are crazy-short on her but seem a good length on me.
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