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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
Well like i said, there are two different first generations Pure Controls; the early ones are 335gr unstrung and the "later" ones are 330gr, both essentially the same stick and yes they are less maneuverable then the 2nd gen's controls. I had both the 335g and 330g in the exact same paintjob, i also had a Pure Control 1nd gen in + (extra length)
(the first gen PC comes from the famous Pro One mold by Donnay)
Thanks ericsson, I don't think I will be able to handle even the lighter (330g) first generation Control consistently. Maybe on a good day! The plus length first generation must be an absolute beast. I seen one before and it is 28.5 inches IIRC, not like the later plus lengths which are only 0.5 inch longer!
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