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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
I have agassi making 1 FHV, total 39 winners apart from service

I have sampras at 12 FH winners, 5 BH winners and 7 BHV winners ( I think one or 2 were half-volley winners at the net , did you count them as BH winners or as BHV winners ? ) ...... total of 27 winners apart from service
As long as the ball takes any kind of bounce, I count it as a groundstroke. Do you know how many half-volleys you counted as volleys? I'm not sure we can compare our numbers without that.

That aside, can you take your numbers that are different from mine and break them down by set for me? That way I can save time and find where the discrepancy is.

Also, in this match or going forward, let me know how many of your winners were judgment calls (the opponent slightly tipping the ball), since I only count clean winners.

Originally Posted by abmk View Post
One of the 8 FH passing shot was a lob .. all of sampras' return winners (3) were off the BH wing
I don't have anything marked down as a lob, but I wonder if judgment calls come into that too. Occasionally I've seen shots where I'm not entirely sure if they're lobs or "regular" passes.

But return winners, at least, are an objective stat: and I've got Sampras at 3 BH's too.

Originally Posted by abmk View Post
I have agassi at 3 BH passes , not 4 ..other stats tally perfectly
Like we mentioned in the other thread, I've always counted passes even if they're hit from in front of the service line, though I probably will not count that way in the future. Maybe I gave Agassi an extra BH pass that way, though I don't mark down on my sheet that type of distinction.

Edit: Not sure why my post has the sign of an exclamation mark at the top, that's an accident.
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