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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
I haven't marked those , unfortunately
Some time ago I started marking them down myself, not to put into my counts (those are still clean winners), but just to be aware of what the official statisticians might be counting. It's no different than counting judgment calls on serves, which we call service winners. On groundies and volleys we don't have a name for them, but official stats definitely make judgment calls on them, at least occasionally. So I started keeping track of them, simply by putting parentheses around the winner. For example, a Sampras forehand volley that Agassi clips with the edge of his racquet: (FHV).

Some people have boxes in which they put down check marks, but that's how I count winners. (My service stats are different).

Anyway what set did you have the lob?

(And if you can ever break down your stats by game -- when we have a discrepancy -- that would be even better, though not necessary).

I'll get back to you on the rest.
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