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I remember playing a tournament where our opponents seemed to have an uncanny ability to know when we were or were not going to poach. Nearly everytime we signaled for a poach the other team went down the line and when we signaled to stay they went crosscourt. After losing the 1st set we finally noticed that a certain spectator was changing ends of the court everytime we did. We realized he was stealing our hand signals and relaying them to the other team. So we changed our signals--instead of an open or closed hand we flipped our racquets, scratched our heads, tugged on our shirt sleeves, whatever, anything that seemed innocuous. We did this everytime we played after that--it was fun thinking up new signals. In the match mentioned above, where the guy was stealing our signals, the first new signal was made by my partner while I was serving--he put his hand behind his back his back and flipped the bird. The guy didn't know whether we had a poach on or not but he knew we were on to him. We ended up winning in 3 sets.
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