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Originally Posted by spot View Post
Wow- you guys take far more balls out of the air that anyteam I have ever seen. Seriously- you will volley a ball out of the air that lands halfway between the service line and the baseline? You will volley a ball that lands within a foot of the baseline? That seems like a crazy strategy to me. If you can hit an overhead off of that ball then I get it, volleying that seems like a poor choice.
Say I S&V. I split step when opponent is hitting. They choose to lob my partner.

I should cross and take that ball out of the air as a high approach volley. I should play it deep and keep moving to net. If I bounce that ball, I will be in a world of hurt, as I will have a more difficult time moving forward.

If it is an awesome lob (lots of topspin, directed toward the alley), it may be "too good" whether I bounce it or not.

This is the way teams who beat me handle lobs. It definitely has its merits, provided you can put that approach volley deep.
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