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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Let me ask you, ABMK, what's the logic for marking half-volleys down as volleys? In the other thread people were mentioning Federer, Agassi, Connors etc. taking balls on the rise from the baseline. Yet those would never be considered volleys. The ball might be taken instantly, as soon as it rises an inch off the bounce, but it would still be considered a groundstroke.

So why would other types of half-volleys be considered volleys? Why do you do it that way? Is it because they're in front of the service line?

IMO the location of the shot has nothing to do with it. The location of the player determines whether it's a net point or a baseline point, of course. But a player can hit a volley with his feet firmly planted at the baseline, and can hit an easy groundstroke putaway while standing on top of the net. How would you separate a putaway of that kind from a type of half-volley that should be put down as a volley?

That seems like too much of a judgment call, which is why I just let the bounce, or lack of a bounce, determine it. And I don't know if any statisticians count half-volleys as volleys, but do you know?
I hadn't given much thought to this before. I guess it was the location, the net, that influenced me. But you are right, they should be counted as groundstrokes
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