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A lot of women I know who play mixed doubles tend to play very tight to the net. Perhaps because I'm anticipating they probably won't get back for an overhead, I can often cross behind and play an aggressive volley from just behind the service line. It's especially effective when I'm crossing over to the deuce side and can take a forehand up the line to my opponent's backhand. If done at the right time and executed properly, it robs the other team of time - lots of ifs in there...Some players are very rhythmic and any unanticipated change in pace can often throw them off.

I don't tend to take it in the air on the ad side, mostly because I can't figure out a good place to attack, and because I have a harder time getting back into position at the service line. Up the line often results in an equally aggressive forehand volley from my opponent. In this situation I will usually go for a deep lob up the middle of the court so they at least have to make a decision about how to play the ball and so I have time to get back into position.
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