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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
That got me to wondering. Is the I formation of any use at all in league doubles? I never see it in mixed or ladies 3.5/4.0. What did these ladies do wrong that caused it to be so ineffective?
A lot of my game is based upon my return, it is my best shot. I see the I-formation a lot mid-match because teams recognize the strength of my return and employ strategies to counteract it. The truth is that it used to work really well because then I'd get out of sorts. I'm guessing what you did to make it ineffective for them is to keep your head down and focus on the ball when you are making contact. I try not to let it affect my strategy too much. I still want to rip cross-court. However, the times it freaked me out has caused me to take up private lessons to work on a down-the-line BH because I play ad and am a righty so that is a shot I need when I see the I-formation. Personally, I now take the I-formation as an affirmation that I'm returning awesome and it emboldens me to keep playing well, gives me confidence. Maybe it did that for you too?
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