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Great stuff. Surprising he went all the way to a 98 head instead of a PS Ltd or a Dunlop 200 tour.

It's funny, when I got my first Babolat PS Ltd, I felt it was a better, more comfortable version of the Original Pro Staff. I just assumed it would sell like hotcakes to advanced players in their 30s and up (not just me and a handful of others). Now, it will, all of a sudden.

It does look like Pete's using a PS Tour, given the string pattern and the glossy finish (the Limited is more matte, and is more narrow in the upper hoop like a PUMA Becker).

Well, I wonder what's up with the lifetime Wilson deal.
It would be funny to see Pete use an AeroStorm Tour with the Rafa-esque paintjob....carrying a bright yellow bag, whipping that eastern gripped forehand!

Allez/Vamos Pete!
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