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This is blasphemy and i love every bit of it...i was going through the entire thread and would like to ask the same question " How could Wilson let that happen?"..maybe Wilson is too happy just having Federer..Pete has been an all time favourite and he was the primary reason i started playing with Wilsons.. am glad that he moved to Babolat coz i shifted to Babolat a couple of months back am also sad that He didnot pick the AeroPro series(i use aeropro drive cortex)..but then he is THE Pete Sampras..The man who did it all and its a High 5 for Babolat..

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Today I went to the see Agassi Farewell Tour. AA played Pete Sampras and lost 3-6, 6-3, 4-6. Very nice game. Pete service was incredible as always.

To my surprise, Sampras was not playing with his Wilson K Factor KPro Staff 88. He was playing with the Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT or the Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. GT. I really cannot see which one since I was not seated near. When the game ended Sampras made a clear statement about his new racquet: more power! The strings were kind of black. Do not know if he stayed with Lux/VS Gut combo or went full poly with the new RPM Blast. Here are some pics. In a few days Iím going to get some more. Enjoy!

Rafa Rules !!
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