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Originally Posted by TennisandMusic View Post
I really wonder what certain posters on this board think about this. Pete Sampras, all time great, with completely classic strokes playing with a 98" babolat in his 30's.

We have guys older than that here that SWEAR by mid's. Guys who couldn't even tie his shoes (this is what we call a euphemism here) in any aspect of the game, basically saying they NEED a 90 (or less). What now? Not that I criticize people for their choices, I just find certain things funny.
not that this whole post is less pretentious than those who claim to "need" mid frames...

but hey... judgemental is as judgemental sees!

I just find certain things funny
The Telegraph : Operation Puerto doctor Eufemiano Fuentes 'treated tennis players, athletes, footballers and a boxer'
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