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Originally Posted by Texastennis View Post
Wilson aren't doing a good job of holding on to these legacy players - Graf also switched (to Head).
Good point. Must not matter much to Wilson. ANyway, in my mind I think Graf, I think Dunlop Max 200g....not that weak 7.5 Wilson.

By the way, I'm sure Wilson does makes perfectly reasonable frames aimed at the aging elite player: theK-blade tour, 6.1 95..KPS88, whatever....something custom for Pete.... but they all do not feel as good as the heavier Storm series frames: AST, PST and PSLtd. Nice combination of classic specs, maneuverability, control and power. They take powerful sticks and make them feel good. I used to make fun of the Woofer system, but there's probably something to it.

Allez Pete!
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